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Serving all of Southern Illinois including Olney, Illinois and all of Richland County, Illinois. When involved in an auto or truck crash on US Route 50, Illinois 130, or any other Richland County highway, you will need a doctor willing to state in the medical records or to testify that your injuries are due to the crash or that your injuries were an aggravation to a pre-existing injury or condition. I have extensive experience in securing the evidence needed from neurosurgeons, orthopedic spinal surgeons (for neck and back injuries), orthopedic surgeons (for shoulders, knees, etc.) neurologists, and many other types of physicians. Please give me a call 7 days at 618-919-1155 for a free consult if you or a family member have been injured in an auto crash. I am an Olney, Illinois car crash attorney and an Olney, Illinois semi crash attorney. I also handle workplace injuries all across Southern Illinois. Please call 618-919-1155. Personal Injury Lawyer in Onley, IL